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Motivation Mondays – Jen Selter

I’m sure by now you have all heard of fitness model and motivator Jen Selter, and if not trust me you’ve been missing out! The 20 year old social media star, infamous for her amazing body (and CHEEKS)  is constantly motivating her 3.6 million Instagram followers with fitness photos and videos hitting those squats & showing us ladies how to get the perfect backside. Did we mention these aren’t just your average fitness photos? Check some out below (no worries you can thank me later!)




Here at Worthy we’re crazy over Jen’s cake, but I came across an interview from the Huffington Post that displayed a slight glimpse of her character.

NB: Are there any charities that speak heavily to your heart whom you are currently involved with or look forward to incorporating into your life?

“Bullying. I have been bullied since I was a child. First because I was too skinny and didn’t have a small enough nose and now for other things — it has continued as an adult. I would love to try to make people feel stronger about themselves where any negative or mean comments don’t effect them because they have built up their self esteem. This is something I will actively continue to help people with.”

This cheeky star is on her way to building her own empire. From an appearance on The View to a spread in Vanity Fair, she’s showing us what a little drive and determination can do! She’s not just serving us those hot photos we all love to stare at, she also stands for something positive. She’s not just a fitness model, she’s a motivator and it definitely isn’t going unnoticed. You can do anything you set your mind too and Jen Selter is a daily reminder of that. So whether she motivates you to squat your way to the ass you always dreamed of, or to chase your personal endeavors there’s no denying that Jen Selter is WORTHY for sharing her motivation with the world.