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It’s summer time and you know what that means –  BIKINI SEASON! Us here at Worthy figured that it’s only right to share some fitness motivation with all of you on this fabulous Monday! We often find the hardest part is just finding the motivation to get started, but no worries that’s what we are here for.

Below you will find a couple brief exercise routines you can utilize right in your very own home – they are a few simple workouts that provide you with great results. We’ve also included a couple clean eating grocery lists that make it really easy to shop for healthy food without over-complicating the process. I don’t know about you but I rarely come across a simplified list of categorized “Healthy Foods” especially with all of the information available, it’s a fitness overload these days. I appreciated finding these simplified lists so I hope you guys find these quick tips as helpful as I did!

30Day - AB&SQUATSQuickWorkout

WORTHY TIP: #30dayfitness is awesome and really convenient when looking to establish a workout routine! If you ever need more inspiration be sure to check them out! OK now for the clean eating lists as promised…



If you need additional motivation check out Pinterest or just look at the featured image of this post – talk about abs!