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Election Firsts – Women Win Big!

I don’t like to get into politics; there’s just too much going on, every politician is probably lying in some way or another, and people take things really personal. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, their party and to vote how they choose; therefore, I am not going to discuss the election. I’d just like to note that it was a great election for WOMEN; there are now over 100 women in Congress for the first time ever!


Shelley Moore CapitoShelly Moore Capito, West Virgina’s First Woman Senator

ernsternst-win1Joni Ernst, Iowa’s First Woman Senator and First Woman Veteran in the History of U.S. Senate

mia-love-1024Mia Love, First African American Republican Woman Elected to U.S. Congress

stefanikElise Stefanik, Youngest Woman Ever Elected to U.S. Congress

Congratulations to these women! This election was huge and brought about many great firsts; but we still have a long way to go with the U.S. Senate just 20 percent women and the House of Representatives just 18 percent women. Nonetheless, we are making great strides and we will continue to do so – thanks to these women for being pioneers in the 2014 election.