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Cute Last Minute Gift Ideas

It happens to the best of us, we’re either running around and beyond busy or maybe we are just fabulous at the art of procrastination. Whatever the reason may be it’s not too late to give some awesome gifts this season! I mean it depends on who you’re shopping for, but check out some budget friendly ideas below!


  1. A Bottle of Wine and Wine Glass Set. You know us ladies love our wine!
  2. Some Kick Ass Books like #GIRLBOSS or any one from our BOSS Chick Lit Must Read list here
  3. Subscription to a bomb magazine. Cosmopolitan or VOGUE anyone?
  4. Ipad or Tablet. I mean this isn’t the most budget friendly but with everyone on the go these days, these def come in handy!
  5. Coffee themed gift basket (you know a cute Mug and some tasty flavors) for all my coffee lovers out there!
  6. Calvin Klein Bra and Panty Set. You know since My Calvins are trending and all.
  7. Nike Running Gift Set. Grab a water bottle, sports bra, shorts/leggings and boom you’re favorite runner is going to love it!
  8. Sephora Gift Card – For all my MUA’s and makeup lovers out there!
  9. A staple accessory like a CLUTCH duh!
  10. Gym Membership. I think the whole world pretty much makes fitness one of their goals for the New Year, so why not help them get a head start?
  11. Spa or Tanning Package. Especially for us ladies who don’t see much sunshine during the winter.


There are so many ideas out there, and no one knows the people you’re shopping for better than yourself. Remember it’s the thought that counts, so whatever you decide to give this year I’m sure they’ll love it. Happy Holidays xo