A More Independent “Cinderella” Dances Her Way to the Big Screen March 2015

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Disney has now teased us with a trailer to the upcoming retelling of the classic fairytale which premieres Friday, March 13th. There are quite a few little twists in this version of “Cinderella,” specifically “Ella,” played by Lily James, is a more feisty and independent character, delivering the world the underlying message “We built the film around the idea that even though Cinderella would be delighted to find love, her life would not and could not be defined by whether she finds a man,” explains the director Kenneth Branagh to Yahoo! Movies.

What do you think about the trailer? Is it a must see? Is Cinderalla stunning or what? Cinderella is a timeless Disney princess, and I like that bad ass woman independence message they added to the mix – hm we’ll see how this plays out this Friday!

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