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Karen Civil Talks Living In Your Purpose at Women’s Empowerment Brunch

Walking into Klassy Verre’s event I already felt great energy. Normally I’m hesitant and it takes me a while to warm up at networking mixers but I instantly knew something about this one was different. I actually could feel a sense of purpose in the room. I knew every woman was there to seek and live within their purpose. I knew every woman was there with the goal to uplift, encourage and empower one another. I knew I was amongst women I could learn from.

I was so impressed by this event, seriously from the venue, to the table settings, to the food, and to the kick ass women in the room, I just could not get enough! During brunch I was so busy networking and enjoying my mimosas I almost forgot we were in for another treat; the fabulous Karen Civil was the keynote! She spoke candidly about her journey that led her to become the powerhouse she is today. She reiterated to us ladies that no matter what obstacles she encountered she continued to push forward, no obstacle was too great for her to overcome. Why? Because she was living in her purpose, it has never been about the money and I think that’s why she’s so successful. No matter what, Karen knows where she comes from, she knows where she wants to go and she continues to embrace who she is along every step of the way.  I think we could all take a note here and find what it is that drives us, find what it is that brings the passion out of us, because when we’re walking in our purpose WE CAN’T BE STOPPED! Karen is truly a breath of fresh air; so beautiful, well-spoken and humble it’s no wonder she serves as a role model to many young women across the globe.

After Karen closed the event, I had to seek out Krystal Aaron, the lovely woman responsible for it all! I just wanted to let her know what a phenomenal event she put together. Not to my surprise, she was so welcoming and she herself truly inspired me. I love seeing other women’s vision come to life, and hers came to life so beautifully with Together We Slay. 

All in all it was refreshing to be in a room full of boss babes who are all on a mission and working towards a brighter future. Even more refreshing was the love and energy that filled the room; the definition of true empowerment embodied us all. I met so many wonderful women, and with events like this I know I’ll have the opportunity to meet so many more.

Cheers to a prosperous year ladies – remember when women support each other, incredible things happen. Never forget that you were Born Worthy and I can’t wait to see all of your dreams become a reality! TOGETHER WE SLAY xo