What Jennfier Lopez “Ain’t Your Mama” Video Taught Us About Women Empowerment and Gender Roles

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The fabulous Jennifer Lopez just released the music video for her new single “Ain’t Your Mama” and outside of her slaying in those bomb RihannaxManolo thigh high boots, she’s definitely sending an important message in a cute catchy kinda way so pay attention ladies!

Trending in the world these days are partners acting more like dependent children instead of your significant other and I really don’t know why. It’s almost as if the more empowered women become, men don’t know what to do. Let’s be clear here were obviously not talking about all men, but there’s definitely way too many comfortable in the situation she is speaking on in this song.


Shout out to JLo for touching on this, peep the video above and check out 5 key takeaways below.

  1. Don’t get comfortable with unacceptable behavior from your partner. You’re not his mother, you’re his lady and it’s important to know the difference. Some men seem to have it in their head that it’s their woman’s job to take care of him, but lately the new trend seems to have them going overboard in their expectations. The lines have been blurred so much that by time you realize it you’ve already morphed into a mother figure. BE AWARE LADIES, you deserve better.
  2. Make sure your man is being positive and productive. When he slacks uplift him; encourage him to find his purpose and fulfill it so he’s not stuck on his ass playing video games for the rest of his life (unless somehow he pulled off the miracle of making that his job of course).
  3. Remember to focus on the positive and the love in the relationship. If outside factors or petty arguments keep reoccurring over the same basic nonsense it’s time to reevaluate.
  4. That empowering rant in the beginning…Um YES! J Lo isn’t lying, there’s clearly a trending issue going on here and women are fed up! I mean, come on its 2016 and were still waiting for equal pay yet somehow still manage to meet these men more than half way these days.
  5.  The most obvious lesson in it all YOU AINT HIS MOMMA and if he’s too far gone or too comfortable in his nonproductive ways it’s okay to move on queen. Don’t drive yourself crazy over someone not willing to step up.

Ladies continue to make great strides out here, women are growing stronger but we still have a ways to go. Do not allow a man that is not willing to meet you half way or step up to the plate detour you from your goals. In case you need a reminder, not only were you Born Worthy, but you are a QUEEN so please accept nothing less than a King.  xoxo

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